Danish Development Research Network

As of January 2007, the Research Network for Governance, Economic Policy and Public Administration (GEPPA), the Network for Agricultural Research for Development (NETARD) and the Research Network for Environment and Development (ReNED), merged into the Danish Development Research Network (DDRN).

The purpose of the merger was to enhance cross-sectoral North-South collaboration and coordination of research for development. The new network is also expected to provide a more efficient and easy entry to the Danish resource base for Danida and other stakeholders within research for development.

The development objective of DDRN is to contribute to the inclusion of research and research-based knowledge in development assistance and in partner countries’ development activities.

To reach this goal, DDRN works with three IMMEDIATE OBJECTIVES:

  • Dissemination and exchange of information between development programmes and the research community within agriculture, environment and governance. DDRN provides, filters and amplifies information and research-based knowledge.
  • Fostering an engaged and committed network of members. By providing the necessary information channels, mechanisms and tools, DDRN facilitates  community building, interaction and collaboration among its members.
  • Promotion of production and exchange of research-based knowledge relevant to development assistance within agriculture, environment and governance. DDRN facilitates thematic platforms, North-South partnerships and establishment of links at national, regional and international levels.

Read more on DDRN on their website.


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